Thursday, November 19, 2009

Workings of Love

What cruel things love can do to one's mind. It can torture a soul that has only yearned for that love, only to never find it. Taunting that same soul, laughing at it knowing that the soul will never claim rights to owning love. Such power love has, but does not know how to use it. It can drive a man to self mutilation, creating doors leading outside for his soul to escape from the torturous fate his shell holds. It can make him crazy, burning for a passion that is as cold as ice. Although freezing, when the man gets close to feeling this love, love only burns him and leaves him scarred from his attempt. With great fervor the man gives himself up to the power of love, only wishing to just smell it, not taste for the fear he will burn his tongue on the hot licks of fire that love produces. Amazing how love can make a man so cautious, thinking through all of the steps for fear of being hurt or defaced. But alas, the man who fears love, is already three parts dead. "Dost thou love me?" exclaims love, the man answers back; "Yes, thou art as beautiful as a rose" "Then why art thou so cautious?" rebuttals love, "I announced that thou art a rose, and one must be cautious of the thorns upon that rose for they are sharp and poisonous" The man who peers upon love in this fashion, sees clearly, don't be afraid, just cautious. For a cautious fire breather is not so easily burnt by the flames, but when he is, the wounds heal quickly for he has saw this unfortunate event coming, so the flames merely singed his flesh.

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  1. a haiku for DP
    this passion-filled verse reveals
    love like no other

    I felt like a haiku was the only way to respond to that post for some reason. DP means "the depressed poet" btw.

    Life is the source of all love, our own lives. The part about the rose intrigued me, I began to think...we all have this notion of love inside us, both sides sharing their love in special relationships, so in essence we are all this rose. And I think in that case it be important for dealing with the thorns through first understanding the thorns you yourself carry. If you know your thorns, your capacity to inflict hurt towards others, and understand it, then you can recognize and deal with the thorns of another. But if they can't come to grips with their own thorns, and let them get in the way, the love can't grow. Notice: flowers planted by themselves in a single pot need more attention than, say, a flower planted in a garden. It's interesting to think that simply being outside in the sun and rain and all the weather, putting yourself out there, you can grow on your own. I'm not sure where this is going, but love, failures of love, and understanding the thorns in your life all contribute to the beautiful growth of life...I like this blog, the whole idea of what you're doing, baring yourself out there, i respect that. I love you, man.